Speaker Johnson: This is a serious situation


House Speaker Mike Johnson discusses the national security threat posed by an open southern border on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. Why isn’t Biden and his administration be removed and Jailed…. Fk’ waiting for elections…. The soon to be attacks will happen during elections and the current administration will institute Martial Law and suspend all elections…. Count on t…!!! Use foresight rather than ignoring the inevitable…😳🤷🏼✨🤔

  2. At this point he is saying anything So you don't have to pay that 6.6 billion dollars he just made off of Putin Go to the American government he hasn't said anything that makes any sense so far

  3. We need to make mandatory laws on feeding ourselves mandatory laws on hanging out with your kids and doing stuff with your kids. If you have kids mandatory laws on reading books magazines newspapers It's a good start right there need mandatory laws on helping kids that have stuttering problems

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