Speaker Johnson Makes Daring Forecast Following Trump’s Conviction


House Speaker Mike Johnson joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his reaction to the Trump guilty verdict and what to expect from the appeals process ahead of November.

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  1. In 2016, he campaigned with the slogan 'LOCK HER UP,' but he did not follow through. However, when the Democrats had the opportunity, they acted on it. It's unwise to provide ideas to the opposition. No one to blame, except House Speaker

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  3. What will become of our Democracy. The Democrats are socialist, & the Republicans have a pide piper running for president. This won't be sustainable overall, nor advantageous for all Americans in general. We have become "radically" divided as a nation. I don't want Biden for another 4 years, nor an aged – one term president with trump. If we can't get someone to replace Trump I may not vote at all. This whole political system has become God- less!!
    What we need is as Elon Musk said recently who he'd vote for, his answer was "Why can't we have someone normal"! Maybe not voting will be the moral decision to make at this juncture. And we wonder why many voters in America don't vote anymore!

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