Speaker Johnson Claims Biden Intends to Convert Migrants into Voters


House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., on concerns with border policy under the Biden administration and the fight for election integrity.

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  1. Biden is THE dictator tyrant he calls Trump out to be. What has happened to the laws in the USA? Why is this maniac getting away with such lawlessness? Who the hell is behind this? Obama? This is something right up Obama’s alley. This administration has betrayed the country in hundreds of ways and we are reaching a boiling point.

  2. I can't say this enough!
    The Biden's ,Obama's,  Pelosi's, Clinton's, Bernie Sanders, Adam Shift, Dr. Felchie & the rest of their  Compadres should be charged with Treason or Jailed, there Assets should be Seized, put towards the Debt that they have caused the United States of America…

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