Son kills father, dumps body in White River


INDIANAPOLIS — Investigation continues as police search the White River in Indiana for a trash can that could hold the body of missing HVAC technician Brandon Perry.

Court documents from WXIN depict a grim fate for Perry, involving his teenage son, David Perry, as the main suspect. Investigators believe David Perry killed his father and disposed of the body in a Republic trash can in the river.

Law enforcement agencies have been scouring the White River near Martinsville in search of the trash can for the past week, with Brandon Perry’s remains yet to be located.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office charged 17-year-old David Perry with murder, following his arrest by Indy metro police detectives on June 1.

After Brandon Perry was reported missing on May 29, officers were dispatched to his residence on Vandergriff Road. Brandon, aged 35, was last spotted on May 26.

Investigations revealed that David, Brandon’s son, was the last person to see his father and failed to report him missing.

Brandon’s sister contacted the police, reporting him missing. Upon visiting Brandon’s home, she discovered a substantial amount of blood on his mattress.

Authorities found traces of blood on the basement stairs and cadaver dogs led them to a burn pile in the yard. Among the findings were Brandon Perry’s license, damaged credit cards, and a business card.

David, living at the residence for three days without addressing his father’s disappearance, aroused suspicion from the police.

Prior to Brandon Perry being reported missing, his work truck and trailer were discovered on Thompson Road near Five Points at the Ashland neighborhood. Efforts to contact Brandon Perry were futile at that time.

Video footage from a nearby pub revealed a “skinny male” resembling David Perry walking away from the truck. The clothing worn by the individual in the footage matched what David owned or wore.

A handgun, initially purchased by Brandon and gifted to David, was missing alongside a blue Republic trash can.

The discovery of trash on the ground where the trash can was kept led to further suspicions.

Investigations pointed to David as the perpetrator behind his father’s murder, placing the body in a trash can and disposing of it in the White River.

David’s activities on May 26 included buying various items like a red dolly, dust buster, fan, seat covers, candle, belt, and a small gun safe.

The gun safe was found in David’s car, containing a handgun.

State police dive teams aided in the search for Brandon Perry’s body near New Harmony Road and I-69 south. The discovery of wheel marks and boot prints leading to the river signified possible involvement with a trash can.

Investigators found blood evidence on Brandon Perry’s trailer and pickup truck bed.

According to court documents, David told his aunt that he disposed of his father’s body in the White River using a trash can.

Detailed messages revealed David’s preparations and conversations surrounding his father’s disappearance and subsequent murder.

The search for Brandon Perry’s body remains ongoing.

A booking photo of David Perry was not provided.

Matt Christy
Matt Christy
Matt Christy reports on news from across all of Indiana covering crime, politics, entertainment and many other topics.

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