Senator Rick Scott: Americans Nationwide Are Frustrated!


Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., discusses how the GOP is vowing to fight for former President Trump after his criminal trial and conviction on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. You are so right Senator Rick Scott we have had enough of the Joe Biden crime family and his lies and deception this FBI doj and lying radicalized media has been controlled by Joe Biden and Barack Obama and we are fed up I totally agree Rick Scott with everything you said.

  2. Trump is a felon! Get over it! Fox News are liars! $787.5 million to Dominion! Smartmatic case on the way! Support the serial adulterer, rapist, convicted felon and generally repulsive Donald Trump! My God what have you people become? Shamefull!

  3. I'm sure plenty of Republicans will keep doing "business as usual". A lot are just as bad as the democrats. But I'm sure war monger Lindsey Graham will say loud things so he might get reelected. But he's a RINO like many others

  4. In another word. You’re not doing the work the people elected you to do. You won’t do anything unless your cult leader approves! In short you’re like a service dog to one master and not the constitution! Got it.

  5. You have to have an IQ of less than 10 to not Clearly see the Obvious Biden Election Interference by Biden's corrupt DOJ Minions and Lefty Biased Judges in these FAKE Court Cases… Can't wait for Trump to win the November Election by a landslide to get rid of all this Corrupt Criminal Biden Democrat BS and get back to a NORMAL America….

  6. The United States of America is broken under Biden and his democrat followers

    So broken, it’s like watching a giant tree whittering and deadening day by day. Nothing can save it!

    Our justice system is dead under Biden!

  7. poor delusional biden supporters just won't get it. blinded by an unfounded hatred and totally focused on a man called Trump it would seem that they're 'ok' with the continued degradation of America from within.

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