Senator Kennedy: Life under Biden has felt like “one long prayer”


Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., picks apart President Biden’s border security announcement on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. Old Joe is quiet and according to DT .. Joe is a thug, plans complex assassinations, he's one with the uniparty and the swamp installed already .. economic bounce back miracle to the those concerned by the details, etc … Joe is who Trump wants to be …. if you hear Trump's description of Joe Biden.

    I'm a conservative who has pledged to conserve our democracy and to defend .. no matter how Orwellian and irrational it may be . Talk apparently changes few minds .

    Our system is a system of laws … with a benefit of the doubt extended …. using it against us. hacked! Soft belly democracy but has a big stick, the Constitution, but few profiles in courage ralling us .. Thanks Liz and Adam for simple duty to the oath. … Preserve our liberal .. free exchange of ideas imperfect nation!

  2. Some people really do need to pray…others…not so much… it makes you wonder…. speaking of wondering…why did FOX so aggressively edit Trumps answer regarding Epstein??….Old Donnie is TERRIFIED that the details of that "great guy" his buddy Epstein will be fully revealed….I wonder why?? 🤔 In the meantime…just watch him push to his conspiracy loving cult members suspicions over his suicide…to DEFLECT DEFLECT DEFLECT… just what are you hiding this time Donnie??

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