Sen. Rick Scott Opposes Legalizing Recreational Marijuana


The issue of drug addiction is deeply personal for Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL).

He lost his brother in April due to prolonged abuse of controlled substances and alcohol. Scott shared that his brother’s addiction began with marijuana use during his youth and escalated over time. This personal tragedy influenced Scott’s decision last week to announce his opposition to the November ballot measure that seeks to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida.

“People end up with addictive personalities, and so he did,” Scott said during an interview. “It messes up your life, and so that’s why I’ve never supported legalization of drugs.”

Florida legalized medical marijuana in 2016, joining 37 other states that had done so previously. In November, Floridians will vote on the Marijuana Legalization Initiative, known as Florida Amendment 3. The amendment would legalize recreational marijuana for individuals aged 21 and older, allowing each person to possess up to three ounces legally.

Additionally, medical marijuana dispensaries in the state would be authorized to sell marijuana to adults for recreational use. Should voters approve FA3, Florida would become the 25th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Scott and other Republicans in the state formally opposed FA3 in May, arguing that its approval would benefit “powerful marijuana special interests, while putting children at risk and endangering Florida’s family-friendly business and tourism climates.”

Scott’s official stance against the amendment follows several recent studies highlighting the negative health implications and other risks associated with marijuana use, including a decrease in IQ points, strokes and heart attacks in adults, and psychotic disorders in teens.

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