Sen. Kennedy: Hakeem Jeffries thinks the SCOTUS are 'politicians in robes'


Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., joins ‘The Story’ to discuss Democrats slamming the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity ruling.

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  1. Ha,,,mas is coming to the USA

    People still haven’t figured this out

    In exchange for cartel access to the USA for human smuggling, drugs etc the cartels paved the way for Zionists to come to power in Mexico. Soon starving Palestinians will be on ships to Mexico, about 209,000, then they will be trafficked into the USA.

    At the same time the us government will be taking on debt to give money to Israeli NGOs to provide affordable housing for settlers.

    At the same time the Zionists are engineering the biggest betrayal to America in history with the formation of MBRIDGE.

    Don’t get me wrong many Jewish folks made America great with things like the Tillman and glass steigel acts but the Zionists tore it all down and topped off with the telecommunications act.

  2. Another example of the Democrats blatant hypocrisy. If the Court rules in their favor, they're upholding the Constitution. If it doesn't, then they're political activists. The Supreme Court has been the checks and balances to government authority since this country's inception and the Democrats, in their unquenchable thirst for absolute power and control, want to make it an extension of their Party. The Democrats desire to tamper with the Court is what's dangerous here.

  3. Great job supreme court, you just ensured that Biden can perform a completely 'legal' coup if he loses in november. Find a legal excuse to seize voting machines and pardon everyone who aids you in it and there is absolutely no legal recourse

  4. Nope the constitution was written the way it was written for a reason. We vote for conservative president, guess what, that conservative president chooses the conservative judges that they want. That’s how it works. Just because they don’t like the decision doesn’t mean it’s the wrong decision. The fact that these people want him to be convicted of more crimes BEFORE the election tells you all you need to know. If they really cared about the law they wouldn’t be so concerned with the timeframe in which these cases go to court.

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