Sean Hannity: Biden is playing Russian roulette with the security of your family


Fox News host Sean Hannity says Americans are not safe due to the border crisis on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. Who they gonna blame now;the usual TRUMP unbelievable I seen this coming so scary. I hope crooked BIDEN supporters have where to hide. Because to them crooked old BIDEN haven’t done nothing wrong.
    Our enemies been here of course crooked BIDEN and the 😈 demon 💩 let them in.
    China already building right up our noses.Crooked BIDEN is a disgrace and embarrassment to this country I have no respect for such cockroach 🪳

  2. The Potato’s braindead, he couldn’t do this much damage to this country if he wanted too. Your CIA / Mossad buddies are running the show and they’re not playing around, they want this country leveled and I’m confident they’ll make it happen.

  3. Omg, it only takes 2 sentences spewing out of Sean's mouth to cause an angina attack! The shameless and naked partisan propaganda, absent supporting evidence or facts, is delivered for 1 purpose– create anger and fear. It is very effective because, despite the easy to find information on the issues, many people are just lazy or too easily convinced by nonsense. Also, it is no coincidence that the Hannity fear mongering narrative fits snuggly with Trump's wild and disjointed claims. Illegal immigrants, like legal immigrants and American citizens, are humans and there are dangerous people in any group of people. I wonder if sharing top secret documents about our means and methods of intelligence gathering with our rivals and enemies makes us less or more secure?

  4. Joe Biden in a coma in the Oval Office is preferable to a Trump. dictatorship. Literally anything is preferable to a Trump dictatorship. Not having a president is preferable to a Trump dictatorship.

  5. I’m not really worried about an attack, I have faith in our planetary armada. According to my map we have gotten through the worst of the worst. According to my map we got through the 2020 Reset Synodic Cycle Completions, three major cycle completions and renewals of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. That was Phase A of the Great Transformation of this decade 2020-2030. Phase B has been pretty tough but we got through the worst of it I think. Phase B is all the Outer Planets are completing their 29th degree of their current star signs before beginning a new. I think the worst of it was the Saturn Pluto conjunction January 2020, the Pluto Return for the US Natal Chart in 2022, and Haumea completing its 29th degree at the end of the Summer 2023. Those 3 points in time were really tough, the beginning of the pandemic, Russia-Ukraine War, and Hawaii burning, but we got through it. The Uranus Mars oppositions and squares have been really tough too with the fires it created in California in September 2020, but we got through it. Even this last week with the once again Mars in Taurus transit that occurred on January 6th 2021. Both Eris and Chiron, planets representing strife and wounded healers, are alongside Mars the planet of War entering Taurus the constellation of the home. It’s a lot and I know we are all very tired of how agonizing this reset and transformation has been, but what transformation is easy when there’s massive dysfunction in regards to human awareness? Humanity is disconnected and divided by mind control and technology. Humanity doesn’t unify over the truth of what it’s own enemy is? I’ve considered Pluto to be my MVP within our planetary armada of energetic bodies orbiting our star with our Earth Body. Pluto is the planet of transformation and Pluto is completing it 29th degree at the end of this year for 1 more battle before it moves on. I’m confident after all that we have been through with Pluto that it will create meaningful change. That’s all I want and I think everyone wants is for there to be some meaningful change. What has to happen for that to occur? For humans to become aware?

  6. Sean, I'm a solid Republican voter, but the way I see it, our party is a lot weaker than the demonRats! Why I said that? Despite all the anti-American happening in our country, we're not able to stop them. Why?????

  7. Jesus was not a Liar
    Jesus was not a Rapist
    And Jesus Christ Never committed adultery like Donald J. Trump
    And none of that doesn't Bother you…
    Then you're in a Cult 😂

  8. It’s ok Sean. The Republicans have been playing Russian roulette as a tool of the actual Russians since our election interference by them has always been to get Republicans and Trump elected. The Russians see that the best way to bring us down is to side with the GOP because they want to keep dividing us. It’s working too!

  9. ex-CIA official said that joe Biden is going to create a BLACK SWAN EVENT SOON so he can cancel the ELECTION 😡 because he knows that he cannot win the election 😡
    Why do you think that Biden let all of those military age men in the country?
    This is ALL BY DESIGN!!!😡😡😡 LOCK AND LOAD!!!!!

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