Sean Hannity: Biden Is Unfit for Presidency


Fox News host Sean Hannity commemorates the 80th anniversary of D-Day and reacts to the president’s speech in Normandy on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. My father was one of the Americans who stopped the NAZIs. Now we need to stop them in the form of MAGAts again.
    False Prophets:
    Manson Family
    Children of God
    The People’s Temple
    Branch Davidians
    Heaven’s Gate
    Order of the Solar Temple

  2. I'll only believe a JB drug test if it's witnessed by Sen. Kennedy, Rep. Jim Jordan or someone else of their standing! But back to D-Day, this day isn't abt the doofus sitting beyond the chair in the Oval Office, but for those incredibly brave young men who stormed the beach 80yrs ago. We owe them everything! God bless each & everyone of them.

  3. We know that moron, We know you and trump wouldn't go To war , Because you are Not brave enough and you got bone spurs, Well at least you got the note from the doctor stating that, Because you pay for that.

  4. The video of Biden walking with his wife and President Macron of France is shocking. Biden can barely walk, and when he stopped, Pres. Macron had to reach out and assist him. Biden is getting worse by the day.

  5. "Northern France"? Check a map, don't be like the DUMDOCRATS that DON'T let their security details proof-read their speeches BEFORE they talk to reporters about Assault Weapons. And getting so many of the details of reality wrong. . Dictators do this to their political opponents and these fellows are afraid that their own crimes will be exposed by TRUMP.

  6. And so the other guy who's called our troops suckers and losers is fit to serve as POTUS the guy who stole classified documents that guy? Ronald McDonald Trump wouldn't visit that Cemetery in France I called them guys a bunch of losers or do forget?

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