Sean Hannity: No one is above the law… unless you are a Democrat


Fox News host Sean Hannity shreds the raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home over a document dispute and the NY v. Trump case on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. I think they call what Joe Biden is doing is weaponization of government and collusion to take down a former President of the United States. It is retaliation and persecution for personal gain by excessive use of power. It is unethical, illegal and morally corrupt! 👎😡

  2. Unsecured emails by hillary, quid pro quo, illegal documents, withholding aid approved by congress by joe, hunters laptop, faucci's lies, gizlane's client list, pelosi's insider trading ( her husband's car incident and the hammer incident), eric holder contemt of congress, see the pattern yet?

  3. 7:06 That was a mistake…testifying at Congress before testifying at the court….Castello should have contacted Trump´s defense team first and give his testimony first….he should have been defenses´ secret weapon….

  4. So, the feds gave Joe a notice yet Trump was raided? It's insane how corrupt this administration is. They've been accusing maga of everything they ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!

  5. Biden said this shortly before Trump decided to run again:
    “ IF he decides to run again, we must do everything in our power to make sure he doesn’t become president “. Sure sounds like Joe put out for a political hit job on Trump☹️ Joe sure wasn’t talking to voters. It was a message to his goons😤

  6. Jesus Please Take The Wheel !! Please give President Trump the strength to get thru these Hellacious trials ! Please everyone lift President Trump with prayers. I’m sure he needs our support !!

  7. Why don't the Republicans just make up vague fake charges and take some Dems to court? It's easy, right? WRONG! There was 4 weeks' worth of evidence against Trump. Clear evidence that supports the indictment.

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