'SCARE TACTIC': Blue state Health Dept. launches campaign against pro-life centers


Diane O’Toole of the Pregnancy Care Alliance of Massachusetts reacts to a $1 million taxpayer-funded campaign warning of the ‘dangers’ of pro-life pregnancy centers.

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  1. I got an abortion at young age in california.planned parenthood..not one health care professional offered helped to explain and/or offer different proLife solutions or services.. I sadly regret. We should be allowed to explore all choices available to us, just like as if we had an illness.

  2. Let Fox and MAGA bask in their hate and faux anger. Its funny to watch. When youre happy with yourself and you've achieved self actualization, other people's ignorance becomes humorous.😊

  3. Taxpayer healthcare is shity healthcare I'm disabled and they could care less about me I've been in pain for so long and they won't do anything except try the things they've already tried. Is there anyone else feeling like your devalued in the doctor's office? If so please write a comment because this has to change. We all need to ban together and tell them they have to change things. Pretty much disrupt their lives

  4. I was very grateful for PDC when I was pregnant at 17. I joined an adoption support group. I'm reunited with my son now and I can't imagine life without him. As an adult, I always made sure my OB is pro life as I would never let someone who performs abortions touch me, let alone trust them to provide care for my unborn child.

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