San Diego Takes Stand Against Beach Yoga


Yoga instructor ‘Nama Steve’ Steve Hubbard joins ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss how San Diego is now banning beach yoga.

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  1. Look closely at that yoga guys head it is shaking back and forth as if someone who is very cold and shivering. I am guessing a nervous condition. What say you? and will this guys yoga style cause my head to do that? lol.

  2. Seems Cavin Nuissance doesn't feel the vibe of free peoples and their business of right to freely assemble.. and stretch. He might want to join them sometime.. and stretch.

  3. You voted for Trump in 2016 because your future looked bleak, and you yearned for the good ol' days when others sat at the back of the bus, not you. In 2024, Trump is charged with 93 felony counts, and you're still in a trailer park. But, at least you were entertained.

  4. Did you miss the major news? Aliens took over the world. No more politics, religion, greed, corporate wealth and privileged individuals. Just everyone providing the best lives for each other. We are going to call it Utopia and the united language is called truth. Sorry you have to adapt Fox Views.

  5. It's good to see that Fani Willis and the Fulton county Georgia judge won their primaries.
    It's time to get that trial started for the Orange Supreme One.

  6. All the drug addicts, mentally ill, and homeless pooping in the streets are okay. But doing group yoga is illegal? I’m living in a parallel universe where bad is good and good is bad! This is insanity.

  7. Yes Fox News, let them do whatever in public, next they will be in the airport selling flowers and VIP tickets to heaven, then in the streets blocking traffic and demanding that you stop fueling your vehicle and stop eating animals, then they start demanding more sunlight and oxygen in the air……

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