Safety Crisis: Residents Fearful, Police Morale Low


Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell joins ‘Cavuto Live’ to discuss the impact of crime on the 2024 presidential race.

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  1. I bet a lot of these repeat offenders would offend a lot less if they got their asses handed to them on a regular bases by the average law abiding gun carrying citizen if the cops aren't going to do it!

  2. You can throw Health Care into the illegal immigration category bumping it to 22%. You can then throw illegal immigration into the Crime category bumping it to 25%. There, that puts it into 2nd place on your list. When you consider the negative impacts of Crime and Illegal Immigration on the economy, it is probably the #1 issue.

  3. Crime only matters when it affects you personally, the economy affects everyone. Because of the vast amount of traveling I've done I figured out early on that nice areas to live are created by a movement of people, in South Florida all I had to do was sell and continue to move west while Fort Lauderdale was growing. My move to Banner Elk, NC helped displace the locals because they could no longer afford their own land after us Floridians were done. In Tennessee now I have once again joined a wave of people moving in and pushing the undesirables out. Crime is nothing here.

  4. Has there been medical research done on Mike Pillow's pillows.
    There's talk that a chemical in the lumpy pillows is causing the insanity that resulted in the maga cult.
    p.s; The older people in the maga cult obviously ate too many lead paint chips but there's a suspicion of a chemical link between the lumpy pillows & the maga cult insanity.

  5. Can someone explain why "gun violence" is higher on the concern list than that of its root cause? That being crime. Oh, you see, this very specific crime thing is more important than reigning in crime as a whole. It's THIS kind of stupid that got us where we currently are. Reign in crime and gun violence will inherently go down. Priorities people. Priorities.

  6. Our Texas governor Greg Abbott of the great 😃👍 Red ♥️🍒 Republican state of Texas is the greatest governor that Texas ever had in the history of Time thanks governor for keeping us safe you are the best America vote red ♥️🍒 for 👑 King President Donald j Trump to save our country

  7. One interview with a couple of new Yorkers said themselves, I wouldn't be down here if the national guard was down in the subway. They were terrified because they weren't there. You bet people are afraid. National guard 💂‍♂️ to take the subway, bus , or walk. BIDENS YOUR MAN !

  8. Not just the Southside of Chicago. All of Chicago is turning into I a war zone. Most of the areas controlled by Democrats have homelessness, crime and poverty running rampant. It’s crazy when you know what counties or zones are ran by Republicans are nice and look clean and then you travel a 1/4 mile to a Democrat ran area and its like your in a completely different place on Earth.

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