SAFETY CONCERNS: NYC to open ‘low-barrier’ homeless shelter next to elementary school


P.S. 343 parent Kenny Grant joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to speak out against the plan for children’s safety.

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  1. Never in my 50s, i thought if biden wins a second term. Our country is doom. Open borders are a disaster depleting our resources. Spending over 500 billion a year in which none pays a dollar. Biden is making cars so expensive and everything, including electricity, so we turn to green energy, which will probably be more expensive. We patmying three wars and sending money to so many other countries is not sustainable.

  2. I honestly dont think they care about Americans anymore. Y'all making stupid comments and voting for the current clown administration will get the same treatment, ya better wake up. Start by pulling your children out of this school.

  3. So this is what Fox is focusing on, and not the fact that dear old Donald is a convicted felon, everyone around him in his campaign are convicted felons up and down the ticket but, Frump is the only good person out of the group up and down the line. He is being judged by the company that he keeps. Trying to sell people on an America that doesn't even exist. LMAO make isht up as you go, like I don't remember what he's said and done. 😂 GTFOH

  4. Notice the neighbourhood’s they place these people. None of them are near elite neighborhood’s, near private schools, where your “media” live, where your elected officials live (Alvin Bragg). That tells you all you need to know.

  5. So to hell with Our children. There has to be a more disgusting word to call these besides traitors and inhumane there has never been people with in America filled with such hate., I pray MYFATHER have mercy and deliver this land from hand of the evil within MYGODMYFATHER I ask THEE bless that prayer to become my blessing to see and know thy wile shall be done MYFATHERMYGOD.

  6. I love this initiative by our mayor💙💙I will surely donate to this and other such like incentiveness in caring about our communities. Well done. Wish more cities can follow this example. Go on, mayors!

  7. Yes, let's draw the homeless no other establishment would take to a place right beside a school with defenseless children. What could go wrong? It appears they have decided to find out. Whoever decided this should be fired.

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