'S*** gonna hit the fan': More Dems call for Biden to drop out


Fox News’ Gillian Turner reports on growing calls among Democrats for President Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential election. ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts react and dissect the incumbent’s fitness for office.

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  1. When is the latest the Dems can change their leader? Is it anytime up until election day or is there a decisive cut off time? (Apart from Joe dropping dead between now and then)

  2. He will have to go back to kids rubbing the hairs on his legs 🦵
    at the swimming pool.
    When he says that feels good baby, he really means baby 👶.
    Just ask Ashley

  3. Same politicians talking about “saving democracy” are the same politicians trying to come up with a way to take a man off the ticket that VOTERS VOTED FOR in the primary.

    How does that work?

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