Russell Brand Urges Voting for Trump to Protect Democracy


Actor Russell Brand recently criticized the left’s misuse of the justice system and urged those who value “democracy” and “freedom” to support former President Donald Trump during an episode of his show, “Stay Free with Russell Brand.”

Brand expressed his concern to RNC Spokeswoman Elizabeth Pipko about the “snobbery and contempt” directed at Trump supporters by his critics.

“This is happening while the current administration copies Trump’s policies, plagiarizing his ideas while simultaneously criminalizing him through the misuse of the legal system,” Brand remarked.

Trump was convicted on 34 charges by a jury aligned with left-wing views for a crime that remains unclear. Brand argued that the conviction was a result of ongoing denialism from the 2016 election.

“In a direct choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, if you care about democracy and freedom, it’s hard to see how you could vote for anyone other than Trump, precisely because of the reasons his opponents use against him,” Brand continued.

The Biden-Harris campaign, seemingly oblivious to irony, posted on X that Trump aims to “jail his political opponents” to “regain power, preserve his freedom, and seek revenge on his adversaries.”

Trump is currently facing potential jail time from his conviction, with sentencing set for July 11. Democrats have used legal tactics to hinder Trump’s campaign efforts as President Joe Biden struggles to surpass Trump in the polls.

Biden and his party have signaled that their campaign strategy relies on Trump being portrayed as a victim of a politicized justice system. Biden even raised funds off the legal battles and staged a media event outside the Manhattan courthouse as jury deliberations began.

Before the Manhattan trial, Trump was fined $454 million for a “crime” with no identifiable victims or financial harm. Trump is appealing this decision.

Pipko told Truth Voices that people are “waking up and recognizing the dangerous weaponization of the justice system that has been evident for some time now.”

“Whether it’s against President Trump or his supporters, as Brand noted, this is not what anyone should want to see in the United States,” Pipko added.

Brianna Lyman
Brianna Lyman
Elections correspondent. Weekly guest on Newsmax. Also seen on Fox Nation.

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