Rolling Stone Upset Alito is a Christian and Supports Limited Government


Rolling Stone‘s latest attempt to cast Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in a negative light reveals more about their disdain for America’s founding principles than any actual wrongdoing by Alito.

During the Supreme Court Historical Society’s annual dinner, filmmaker Lauren Windsor posed as a “religious conservative” to prompt controversial responses from Alito. However, none of Alito’s answers were out of line. Rolling Stone‘s portrayal of the event reflects their hostility toward America’s core ideals.

Alito’s remarks about the difficulty of finding common ground in today’s polarized climate were entirely reasonable. He acknowledged the deep divisions rooted in fundamental values, particularly in areas like gun rights and free speech. Alito’s agreement with Windsor’s call to uphold religious values triggered outrage from Rolling Stone, showcasing their bias against religious perspectives.

The feigned shock from Rolling Stone over Alito’s agreement with Windsor’s sentiment reflects a larger trend of demonizing justices with religious beliefs. However, it’s essential to remember that justices, like Alito, who share the foundational principles of the nation’s founders, are best positioned to interpret laws in line with constitutional intent.

Despite attempts to twist Alito’s words, his commitment to the court’s limited role in bridging ideological divides remains clear. He rightly points out that the court lacks the authority of law enforcement agencies, emphasizing the importance of respecting individuals’ privacy rights.

In essence, Alito’s remarks underscore the court’s role as interpreters of the law, not enforcers of personal or political agendas. Rolling Stone‘s attempt to spin Alito’s comments as partisan reveals more about their agenda than any shortcomings on Alito’s part.

Brianna Lyman
Brianna Lyman
Elections correspondent. Weekly guest on Newsmax. Also seen on Fox Nation.

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