Robert De Niro Cheers Trump Verdict: ‘Justice Served’


A visibly disdainful Robert De Niro struggled to contain his emotions Thursday when asked for his thoughts after former President Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts in his Manhattan business records trial.

Variety reports that the actor eagerly entered the discussion, even after an embarrassing public appearance outside the courtroom on Tuesday. Speaking at the premiere of his new movie Ezra, De Niro expressed satisfaction with the outcome and labeled Trump as “crazy.”

“I would think it would,” De Niro said when queried about the potential impact on the presidential election.

“This never should have gotten to this stage,” he continued. “I don’t want to be talking about it, but I am so upset. I have to speak out. This is my country. This guy wants to destroy it. Period. He’s crazy.”

The outlet further reported that when asked if he ever worries about his safety, De Niro conceded he does. “You think about that. It makes me more angry, but I can’t let fear intimidate me. That’s why I said, you’re not going to intimidate us.”

“People are fed up, and they’re going to fight back. That’s not what we’re about in this country,” De Niro concluded.

Simon Kent
Simon Kent
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