Republican Groups Sue Nevada Over Mail-In Ballot Counting Practices


The Republican National Committee (RNC), former President Donald Trump’s campaign, and the Nevada Republican Party have initiated a lawsuit against Nevada over the counting of mail-in ballots received the day after an election without postmarks.

The RNC underscored that this ensures “ballots received after the Election are not counted” in the election results.

According to an RNC press release, they have “uncovered that Nevada election officials routinely count non-postmarked mail ballots received after Election Day, in violation of the law.”

In the lawsuit filed last month against Nevada Secretary of State Francisco, Cari-Ann Burgess, Washoe County Registrar of Voters Jan Galassini, Washoe County Clerk Lorena Portillo, Clark County Registrar of Voters Lynn Marie Goya, and Clark County Clerk, the RNC, Trump campaign, and Nevada GOP declared that the lawsuit aims “to enforce one critical component of Nevada’s post-election day counting of ballots.”

Under AB 321, mail-in ballots that are sent in up to four days after the election are included in the counts, according to the Daily Indy.

“We are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of Nevada’s elections and fostering voter confidence,” stated Michael McDonald, chairman of the Nevada Republican Party, in the press release. “Allowing ballots without postmarks to be illegally counted undermines both. We will persist in our fight for fair elections for all Nevadans where only legal votes are counted and the system is secure.”

Similar lawsuits have also been lodged in states such as Mississippi and North Dakota concerning the counting of mail-in ballots received post-election day.

Elizabeth Weibel
Elizabeth Weibel
Maryland raised. Virginia based.

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