Right-Wing Parties Surge in EU Elections


The European Union’s parliamentary elections resulted in major victories for right-wing parties, signaling a potential trend across the continent.

The National Rally party in France secured over 30% of the vote as of 7:45 p.m. on Sunday, more than double French President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party. Led by Marine Le Pen, who ran against Macron in the 2017 and 2022 presidential races, and lead candidate Jordan Bardella, National Rally promotes an agenda that includes “putting an end to settlement immigration” and enabling companies to raise wages by 10%.

In response to the significant loss, Macron dissolved the National Assembly and called for a snap legislative election to be held within 30 days. This is the first time a French president has used this power since 1997.

In Germany, the electoral results also indicated a shift away from traditional governing parties. The right-wing Alternative for Germany likely captured second place with nearly a fifth of the vote. Their policies take a conservative stance against abortion and multiculturalism. Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democratic Party suffered its worst result ever, according to Reuters.

Spain’s conservative People’s Party also made gains, securing over a third of the votes. In Italy, the Brothers of Italy party, led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, emerged as the biggest winner in Sunday’s election, reflecting another victory for the country’s right wing.

The left-leaning blocs performed so poorly that Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced his resignation, effective Monday. De Croo’s Flemish Liberals and Democrats party garnered less than 6% of the vote. The EU is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

The election results will reshape the European Parliament and have underscored the rise of right-wing support across Europe.

Voter turnout reached nearly 51%, marking a 30-year high.

Jenny Goldsberry
Jenny Goldsberry
Jenny Goldsberry covers social media and trending news. She’s a 2020 Brigham Young University graduate with a major in communications and minor in Japanese. She was born in Utah and has previous newsroom experience at the Salt Lake Tribune and Utah’s NPR station.

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