RFK, Jr.: Is This the Path We Want to Begin?


Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discusses former President Trump’s conviction and how we are going down a ‘dark road’ if elections start happening in the courts on ‘Your World.’

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  1. Donald Trump did even take a paycheck he lost money when he was in president he didn't make money look at these democrats they've filled their pockets full in the last 3 and a half years what the taxpayer is money

  2. RFK Jr sounds like a statesman. The interviewer is trying to reduce the presidential race to the worst kind of political rhetoric. Fox News is becoming unwatchable but at least is giving RFK Jr a platform and letting him talk uninterrupted.

  3. RFK Junior should be ashamed of himself for saying some of the things he said tonight on the news he is a real piece of work to say here and condemn Donald Trump for being revengeful when Donald Trump didn’t take revenge on nobody when he was in office. He only worried about the American people.

  4. Except President Trump isn't going to do with your band she says the best way to get someone back is moved forward not to have revenge he just wants to make America great again and you know he'd never did nothing to yell or either is it if he had Hillary would be in jail but he didn't go after Hillary And Hillary was going after him hard I remember that election

  5. RFK should be running full steam as a third option, but Biden's stopping him. Nigel Farrage is running the Reform Party in the UK, and people are joining Reform..This should be happening in the US. But wait, the wild card is Nikki Hailey. That evil woman has something up her sleeve.

  6. I think it's pathetic…You keep saying Convicted Felon…cause the story isn't over until the appeal to the Supreme Court is complete!!
    Run on plans that are good for the country…get off the soap box!!

  7. RFK has great wisdom. Listen to him. Focus on content, not the sound. IT IS SO WORTH IT! I wonder… would God give a person this speech handicap just to test his perseverance? If so, RFK meets God's invitation to be his best even as he is handicapped. I wonder….would God give us a candidate that is difficult to listen to in order that we improve our ability to hear? God's ways are strange but he is working with humans! 😀

  8. Lies. Trump didn’t shut the country down it was Democrat Governors that shut everything down in their states. He only reason Trump didn’t do more draining the swamp was because of weak Republicans. We got out of wars and weren’t put in any position to start anymore.

  9. Big difference between trump and Hillary. Trump is innocent, Hillary is guilty. You can not compare the two.
    Hillary is a criminal. They spent years looking for something illegal on Trump. They couldn't find anything so in an election year they fabricated crimes. One is moral, the others, not. Easy choice.

  10. RFK 2024! ! What a breath of fresh air! He appeals to the left and right. The VITRIOL & HATRED between left and right can end with RFK. He demonstrates a high regard and deep concern for our country and all it's people. With Trump or Biden, it's just more hatred. I'm so sick of the darkness! Thank you Bobby for persevering.

  11. Fox news, must be rightly proud of their contribution in continuing to broadcast as my lies as they can in the allotted time slot.
    I would have thought $787million payout for false claims (lies) against Dominion would be a costly lesson, obviously not.
    The 196 charges in 48 states, along with 205 court cases spanning the next 10 years, i guess now convicted felon defendant Mr Trump will be a little too busy to worry about running for president let alone secretary at his own golf club.

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