Republican Group Urges Supreme Court to Reject Trump’s Immunity Claims in New Ad Campaign


A Republican group is running ads in seven deep-red states and five swing states calling for the Supreme Court to reject former President Donald Trump’s claims of absolute immunity.

Republicans for the Rule of Law, a partisan group focused on the Constitution rather than loyalty to a party, is spending $2 million in Republican-leaning and swing states to run anti-Trump ads. The ad will feature conservatives requesting the Supreme Court to reject Trump’s immunity claims.

“Our constitutional system is predicated on legal accountability and equal justice under the law, even for presidents and past presidents,” said Sarah Longwell, the executive director of Republicans for the Rule of Law. “Conservatives feel this in our bones: No man or woman is above the law. In this case, that means rejecting the ‘absolute immunity’ claim.”

The ads will begin running in the red states of Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas, as well as the swing states of Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin through June 23. In 2020, President Joe Biden won all five swing states that the ads will run in, and Trump won all seven Republican-leaning states in 2020.

“If a president is above the law, then they can commit any crime known to man,” the video says.

The ad campaign will start on Friday in Alabama. One ad features “Kyle” from Alabama, who says Trump’s total immunity claim is “dangerous for American democracy.” He said the ruling could make Trump a “dictator” and that Trump “should not be held up like a king.”

Republicans for the Rule of Law is a branch of Bill Kristol’s nonprofit Defending Democracy Together, which is a conservative organization that supported Trump’s impeachment in 2020 and spent millions on efforts to defeat him in the 2020 Republican primary.

In June, the Supreme Court is expected to deliver a ruling on Trump’s immunity claims.

Annabella Rosciglione
Annabella Rosciglione
Breaking News Reporter. Annabella is a graduate of UW-Madison where she worked at the Daily Cardinal reporting on Wisconsin politics.

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