Republican Candidate Larry Hogan Pledges to Support Roe Protections


Former Maryland governor and Republican Senate candidate Larry Hogan (R) released a campaign ad promising to codify Roe v. Wade if elected, allowing women to make their “own choice.”

Hogan’s statement comes nearly two years after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, ruling in the Dobbs case that the U.S. Constitution did not include a right to abortion. Following the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision, abortion laws were handed back to the states and the people.

The former Maryland governor has expressed his support for legislation to codify Roe v. Wade and has identified himself as “pro-choice.”

In an interview with the New York Times on Thursday, Hogan announced he would “support restoring Roe as the law of the land.”

“I’ll continue to protect the rights of women to make their own reproductive choices just like I did as governor for eight years,” Hogan said. “I think Marylanders know and trust that when I give them my word, I’m going to keep it. I’ve protected these rights before, and I’ll do it again in the Senate by supporting a bipartisan compromise to restore Roe as the law of the land.”

In April 2022, while serving as governor, Hogan vetoed a bill allowing non-physicians to perform abortions.

In his veto letter, Hogan explained, “House Bill 937 endangers the health and lives of women by allowing non-physicians to perform abortions. The bill risks lowering the high standard of reproductive health care services received by women in Maryland.”

Maryland lawmakers voted 90-46 to override Hogan’s veto, allowing non-physicians, nurses, midwives, and physician assistants to conduct abortions, according to NPR.

Hogan recently emerged victorious in the Republican primary election, receiving 169,830 votes, or 63.4 percent, while his opponent Maryland House Delegate Robin Ficker received 76,591 votes, or 28.6 percent. Other candidates, such as Chris Chaffee, received 8,637 votes or 3.2 percent, and nurse Lorie Friend received 5,457 votes or two percent.

The former Maryland governor is set to face Democrat Senate candidate Angela Alsobrooks, who garnered 316,804 votes, or 53.4 percent, while her opponent Rep. David Trone received 253,802 votes, or 42.8 percent.

Elizabeth Weibel
Elizabeth Weibel
Maryland raised. Virginia based.

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