Reporter Astonished by Unexpected Trump Support Among New Yorkers


‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy spoke with residents in the Bronx to discuss their opinion on Trump’s upcoming rally blocks away from AOC’s district.

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  1. Love how people of tolerance and acceptance try to speak for EVERYONE by saying "Trump is not welcome here". Sure 100% of all people in that area is racist enough to assume EVERYONE doesn't want him there?

  2. Bronx New York. Time to take a real good look at the Democrats. Then ask your self 3 questions no1 what has the Democrats done for you ?. No 2 Where you better off in 2016_ 2020 when President Trump was in charge???. No3 Ask yourself if I vote for TRUMP will he honour his promises. ??? Answer YES. Vote for TRUMP restore America to what you deserve it to be. And as for AOC tell her she's FIRED.

  3. I see that Alina Haba, trumps sales attorney, who does not know how to enter evidence into a federal trial, is out on the airwaves, pushing a false narrative that Biden controls the prosecution, when trumps crimes are so easily defined and prosecuted. Now Trump is in the Bronx trying to white washed his statement from two weeks ago, claiming that there is racism against white people! Comical!

  4. Not a dumb move. Trump is from NYC. NYC has a crime, immigration, and Inflation problem.

    If he can somehow find a way to lower rents, lower food + electricity prices, and stop crime, he's gonna win millions of votes.

  5. When so called "journalists" are so clueless, out of touch, and utterly indoctrinated that they cannot see the abysmal failures and corruption of the lying, cheating Dems, one sees the value of a modern "education." Morons.

  6. How exciting! Love to see it.
    Democrats don’t WANT republicans to come into democrat strong holds because they know we can take their votes. Democrats would rather offend their own districts than act unbothered. If democrats are bothered he’s there….that tells us a lot.
    Let’s gooooooo
    Ty NY!

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