Report: Democrats in ‘Panic Mode’ Over Biden


The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discussed why the Democrats are reportedly in ‘full-blown freakout’ mode over Biden ahead of the November election.

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  1. I'm so freaked out by the Republicans right now that for the first time in my 33 years of voting only Republican, I'll probably vote straight Democrat in November. Republicans are a clown show anymore.

  2. Joe Biden and the democrats keep telling America that MAGA is a demonized cult and a danger to democracy. I want them to explain how Make America Great Again is bad for the country. I want them to explain why they think those that believe in a great country is a bad thing. I wonder if they realize that with their stance they are presenting an anti-American stance and telling half of America that they won't represent them.

  3. How funny. I just read this article.
    Admit he is losing. Most of us see it. Slapping bondo and spackle on it and propping it up does not make less incompetent.

    Lies and retractions do not change his verbal idiocies.
    Make him step down and charge him for treason and SA on a child.

  4. The Democrats are doing everything that's contrary to getting their candidate elected, it's as if they actually don't want to win, on purpose. I could see a 2008 ×2 happening, engineered by the Democrats in cahoots with Wall Street possibly. I don't know but something just isnt adding up here. Whatever it is it's like they don't want to be left without a chair when the music stops

  5. The reason why Democracy fails is due to people trying to be democrats not knowing what Democracy is. It takes discipline and intelligence to make Democracy work and also upholding your commitment to your constituents. The current politicians want equality for all but will not give up their fortunes for you. Americans can't go into certain places without masking up but then our government allows millions to enter the USA with even masking up or current vaccinations to prevent another health crisis.

  6. Autocracy or Democracy is just BRILLIANT! I think we should talk about Democracy or Autocracy more often! Compare China and the US, or Iran and the US. Or start a review from 2013th and Snowden? At the least, it's a healthy conversation.

  7. It doesn't matter what they say about Trump they're not going to change their mind. Same with the Biden supporters they're not going to change their mind because they hate Donald Trump and they're going to vote for Biden out of spite.

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