Joe Biden is in trouble with the ‘Hamas wing’ of the Democrat Party: Rep. Nancy Mace


Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., weighs in on President Biden’s trip to France.

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  1. Antifa stands for anti first amendment!Ironic huh?that they have so many judgements & opinions plus protest/demonstrate and make a mess of societies… Without the 1st amendment they've would never been able to do so or even have the liberty to spreak/shout/yell freely! Grtz Flatliner aKa St.Sorrico☮️There Are 7,5 billion women and less than a half billion men🤣most wars are staged! weird that those global soap opera conflicts still claim real casualties on A so called prisonplanet. Cloack and hide all laboratories' for true ballance and WorldPeace, Menshuman Cyborgonomutantzombies

  2. Biden disrespected every hero that gave their lives, and the ones that are still with us. If he wants to sell his broken promises, go to Gaza instead of our D-Day Ceremonies. One of the Vet's was so right; he no longer knows his own country, the one he fought for.

  3. That dude that goes by the name of joe biden He's not even fit to be a greater at Walmart let alone check your receipt when you're going out other people are the puppeteers they're literally destroying our country who in their right mind would accept enforcement of open border policy world leaders laugh at us Ukraine is taking advantage when other members of the European world should pay for that That public servant that's loitering in the White House living off of taxpayers money respect is earned not given He's just a public servant that's worthless and dangerous all of that administration other than that God bless the USA

  4. Hey, journalist, Hey, Republican. This this is AI covered vaccine owner. What happened? Why this American no talk about my money to pay? Can you remember Congress? Talk little bit, not a lot.

  5. Trump's orange makeup used to only hide his old alabaster skin but now it has to hide inflated eye bags, sagging jaws, excessive wrinkles, defeat, failure, loss, hopelessness, misery, anger, unknown future

  6. Sleepy Joe Biden does not care about how much he destroys. The more he sees people wanting to vote for Trump the more he is willing to mess everything up even more. How many more years does he actually have left on this planet. Sleepy Joe does not care whatsoever about this country. We need to vote for Trump 2024 I have been a Democrat most of my life but now I will be voting republican. Trump 2024

  7. Hamas doesn’t have to hide in the population because they are Palestinians also duh !! an ignorant VP Harris Morrison the Palestinians it was killed during the rescue of Israelis. What an idiot she is along with AOC.

  8. Fun fact; there is no European ally that wants a pro-Putin trumpito administration. None! Only Viktor Orban of Hungary Putins little boy!!👈😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  9. Israël qui commendes les américains les juifs sioniste son une grande secte diabolique satanique secrète joe bien et les juifs démocrates de tout les gouvernement européens nous contrôle raconte des histoires c est eux les terroriste démasqué

  10. Not to long ago there was peace in the Middle East. Hamas was dismantled by Trump. Biden eliminated Trumps sanctions on Iran.
    Again Biden’s administration should be investigated on war crimes.

  11. I’m NOT voting for a convicted felon criminal to be our president, I don’t care who it is, there is no Republican Party anymore, it’s just some sort of cult now, I’m done with trump, not voting for him anymore.

  12. US citizens, your government is stealing from you, taking your rights, forcing you to do exactly what they tell you.
    Your fault for not taking a stand against it.

  13. Fun fact; under trumpito respect for America was at a historic low of 17%, under Biden 73%. Facts!! Trumpito was viewed as a clown!!🤡🤡🤡🤡👈😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

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