Raymond Arroyo: Biden’s Speech Is Impossible to Follow


Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo discusses the latest speech fumbles from President Biden and more on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. This is what that man this he Joe Biden make things up and all sometime and we don't know what the hell he his talking about and he makes trump looks mad and I don't think trump is not that mad to my thinking here.

  2. Everybody who listens to FN should be aware: this is a parallel universe. If you want to regard yourself a decent person, at least listen to two or three other channels and try to figure out, if you're able to form your own opinion. These two – poor Ingraham and whoever the other guy might be – are certainly completely biased.

  3. Corrupt old PUS GUT JOE BIDEN YOUR THE ONE WITH NO BRAIN! Do the American people a favor and STEP THE HELL DOWN! You lost all TRUST WITH most of the true American people! Including me!

  4. Incompetent Brain Dead Biden is a Mumbling Bumbling Stumbling Buffoon Clown…
    I can't wait for Trump to win the November Election by a land slide and get rid of all this Woke Corrupt Anti-American Democrat Biden BS and get back to a NORMAL America.

  5. The funny thing is when Biden says that they won't put anybody on the court with a brain! But yet his whole administration cannot define what a woman is! Again I ask, who's the one that gives people jobs that don't have brains ?

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