Rasmussen Poll: Democrats’ Abortion Advantage Disappears as Republicans Gain Trust


Despite historical Democratic dominance on the issue, current polling suggests that the party’s lead on abortion has “dwindled to statistical insignificance.” A Rasmussen Reports poll found that 45% of likely voters trust Democrats to handle abortion more effectively, with 43% preferring Republicans, and 12% undecided.

The study compared these results to previous findings and highlighted a significant shift in the abortion stakes. In January, Democrats led with a four-point margin (43%-39%), and in November, Democrats held an 11-point edge. The current numbers show Democrats’ advantage has dwindled.

Pro-choice voters align with Democrats, with 75% more likely to trust them on abortion policy. Conversely, pro-life voters significantly favor Republicans, with 74% preferential support.

Party affiliations also reveal stark differences. A near-unanimous 72% of Democrats identify as pro-choice, while 64% of GOP members claim to be pro-life. Unaffiliated voters are more divided, with 46% pro-choice, 41% pro-life, and 14% unsure.

While Rasmussen’s survey confirms deep partisan divisions, it also exhibits a significant trend: more voters trust their own party (82% of Democrats, 80% of Republicans) to handle abortion, demonstrating a strong sense of loyalty within established party lines. Among unaffiliated voters, 41% align with Democrats, 40% with Republicans, and 19% remain undecided.

Youths under 40 overwhelmingly prefer the abortion policies of Democrats (50% compared to 37%), whereas elderly voters trust Republicans by much narrower margins.

Katherine Hamilton
Katherine Hamilton
Politics reporter. Covering Life and Liberty.

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