Rapper Young Thug’s Lawyer Arrested, Sentenced to 10 Weekends in Jail


Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, received a sentence requiring him to serve ten weekends in jail after being found in contempt of court by Judge Glanville on Monday.

The judge expressed his reluctance but emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “I don’t want to hold you in contempt, but this is so sacrosanct, to have a conversation in my Chambers parroted to you and others, it is that serious.” In response, Steel acknowledged the seriousness of the matter, which led to further discussion about the source of the Steel had shared.

Despite Steel’s attempts to clarify his stance, citing legal understanding, Judge Glanville quickly shut him down, pointing out that privilege can’t be used as a defense for a violation. Steel’s insistence that he hadn’t violated any regulations only added to the judge’s frustration, especially after Steel refused to disclose his informant regarding a confidential meeting between the judge, the prosecutors, and the lead witness in the case.

This refusal led Judge Glanville to definitively hold Steel in contempt, stating, “I’m not going to have any further conversation with you about this. You’re going into custody at this point in time,” and denying Steel’s motion for a mistrial. Consequently, Steel faces a total of 20 days in jail spread over ten weekends, a decision sparked by his contentious exchange over the undisclosed meeting.

This sentencing of Steel occurs amidst the ongoing trial of rapper Young Thug in Atlanta, where he faces charges under Georgia’s anti-racketeering and gang laws, as reported by Associated Press.

Alana Mastrangelo
Alana Mastrangelo
Daughter of immigrants. Descendant of gladiators.

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