Rapper Criticizes CNN Reporter, Takes a Shot Live on Air


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss rapper ‘Cam’ron’ slamming CNN reporter for asking about Diddy and does a shot on-air on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  1. And every person of color knows trump is not picking a person of color to be his Vice President because if he was he would have already picked him. Trump is a racist serial rapist and so supporters are white nationalist neo-nazis white supremacists.

  2. They tried to get him to take a dump on another blk man diddy knows those guys he made millions of dollars with them. Trump doesn’t thru guys he made money with under the bus friends. Whats the nastiest thing he ever said about Epstein? Exactly trump never threw Epstein under the bus. So Cam gave them what they wanted. Something to go viral cnn deserves it but my friend dont for one second believe that non whites believe fox to be any better

  3. Trump was just literally booed off of the stage with signs and rubber chickens, and he wasn't mentioning Biden. The hecklers were too much for him and he cut his speech short and left in humiliation!

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