Ramaswamy Booed at Libertarian Convention for Mentioning Trump


The crowd at the Libertarian National Convention showed their disapproval of former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on Friday whenever he mentioned former President Donald Trump during his speech.

This reaction could foreshadow a frosty reception for Trump, who is scheduled to address the gathering in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. Trump’s campaign aims to attract some Libertarian voters with his upcoming speech.

Ramaswamy, a former Republican presidential contender, faced boos immediately after he brought up Trump’s name while asking the audience, “Do you want to influence the next administration or don’t you?”

The audience also shouted “no” in unison when Ramaswamy inquired if they would “agree with him on 100% of what he says,” and he was booed again when he asserted that only the Republican or Democratic nominee could win the White House.

He urged the crowd to “dream on,” referencing Aerosmith’s hit song, expressing skepticism about the chances of a third-party candidate winning. Notably, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent third-party candidate this election cycle, spoke before Ramaswamy.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks during the Libertarian National Convention at the Washington Hilton in Washington, Friday, May 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Speaking to reporters after the negative reception, Ramaswamy remarked, “I think that it’s a historic moment that you have somebody of a major political party, nominee Donald Trump, coming tomorrow and myself having run for the Republican nomination being here today.

“I think it’s a good thing … and a beautiful moment for the country,” he continued. “I think we’re making history, and the way we’re gonna save this country is through more open dialogue. That’s the answer.”

A Libertarian delegate from Arizona told Politico that Trump “could get booed offstage.” Another Libertarian used a microphone to propose telling Trump to “go f*** himself,” drawing cheers from the crowd.

The party appears divided on Trump’s invitation, but Libertarian National Committee Chairwoman Angela McArdle stands by his appearance.

“President Trump, or at least his team, perceive themselves as needing our votes,” McArdle said. “They’re willing to come and speak to us, to listen to us. That’s really unprecedented. Why wouldn’t we take that opportunity?”

The 2020 Libertarian presidential nominee, Jo Jorgensen, received 1.18% of the popular vote, and the 2016 nominee, Gary Johnson, garnered 3.28%.

Ross O'Keefe
Ross O'Keefe
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