Missing Woman Found Inside 16-Foot Python in Indonesia


A missing woman was discovered inside a reticulated python after the snake consumed her whole on Friday in Indonesia.

The woman, identified as Farida, 45, had been reported missing since Thursday. She is survived by her husband and four children.

Villagers from Kalempang in the South Sulawesi province began a search, discovering her personal items before encountering a 16-foot python with an enlarged stomach. Several men were involved in cutting the snake open, revealing Farida’s fully dressed body inside.

Pythons have several rows of curved teeth on the roof of their mouth to grip their prey. After securing the prey, the python suffocates it by wrapping its body around it before swallowing it whole. While it is rare for humans to become victims, Farida is the fifth person in Indonesia to be eaten by a python since 2017.

These snakes can grow over 20 feet, making them the longest snakes in the world. According to the Natural History Museum, London, the longest known reticulated python, measured in 1912, was approximately 33 feet long.

Originally from South Asia, pythons have also been found in the United States as pets. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates that between 100,000 to 300,000 invasive Burmese Pythons live in the Everglades.

Jenny Goldsberry
Jenny Goldsberry
Jenny Goldsberry covers social media and trending news. She’s a 2020 Brigham Young University graduate with a major in communications and minor in Japanese. She was born in Utah and has previous newsroom experience at the Salt Lake Tribune and Utah’s NPR station.

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