Putin Commands Tactical Nuclear Exercises Close to Ukraine Border


USFFC Commander Admiral Daryl Caudle joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss concerns of the relationship between Russia and China.

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  1. United States has invented a mosquito drone with deadly poison has the size of a mosquito it can't be detected has a range of a thousand miles works on a tiny battery in a small tiny camera with hundreds of thousands of these Russia and China better fear 😨 don't never see it coming

  2. I. Hi there Brian and Admiral Daryl!
    II. Admiral, I tot agree with everything that you said. I used to consider them as fruits of PREMORTEM APPROACH.
    I also have in mind the reactions of so many right here in the US when Pr WALKER BUSH did talk about the AXIS OF EVIL including North Korea-Iraq-Iran and later on Cuba, Lybia and Syria. They believe that it was an exageration.
    Today, they all are seeing how the ennemies of the US are increasing.
    III. However, I continue to believe in a STRATEGIC SINO-US CO-LEADERSHIP. We need to work on that it could help guarantee peace, security, stability and prosperity during the 21st century.
    IV. For the time, it's about an exercise. Pr Putin is not starting a nuclear war. However, we need to be vigilant and ready because before the invasion of Ukraine in 2022 (Feb 24 2022), Pr Putin and the one of Belarus did organize as well a miliary exercise.
    You are an admiral and you know that military exercise is never for free.
    However, Putin needs an effective Surprising Effect in order to win.
    V. I really don't know what is the goal of the exercise.
    5.1. Recently, I heard that the Ukrainian's miliary force did use some ballistic missile supplied by France to attack one position of Russian. May be Putin wants to retaliate with a nuclear response.
    5.2. I thought that we were going to have a CEASE-FIRE during the Euro 2024 in Germany and Paris 2024 Olympic Game. It seems like Pr Putin does not want this cease-fire to take place.
    Pr Xi of China said he was going to work on that when he visited France recently.

  3. Puttun is getting old and weak. Someone will challenge, then terminate his presidency. It’s the communist way. Rather, the fascist way. Communism in Russia died with Lenin. Puttun is soggy toast. Just a matter of time before the Chinese own russia.

  4. Putin is somehow fearful of NATO intervening in the Ukraine if he is rattling Neo-Soviet tactical nuclear weapons. First, Biden is only NATO leader afraid of Russian tactical nukes. Second, what makes anyone believe the Russian weapons would be effective. Third, NATO and particularly US, French nukes do work and quite well. Putin knows this. Maybe, all the BS is for domestic consumption?

  5. This is result of biden funding ukraine!!! Biden put America into a war with russia intentional to finalize the destruction of America which is what he obviously been destroying since he came into office! Day 2 biden ripped of peace deal between rusdia ..ukraine and America and thos is all to save zelensky a corrupt billionaire who caused the war

  6. it's not just china and north korea. India also has major weapons sharing with russia.
    all the crying about north Korean manufacturing needs to stop. we all know that isn't true

  7. When you Americans have to learn Russian and being transferred there.
    There are a few things you should know.
    Don't get in a Kamaz traveling towards Guam Gorge.
    Don't whine and cry about the government. It causes complications.
    You will either enter a reeducation camp, psikhushka for therapy or enjoy sucking on fish popsicles in Yakutsk.
    Carry lots of mosquito spray.
    Do not let anyone convince you into going with them to visit the abandoned villages. You do it on your own.
    Don't f.. k the orphan cheburashka.
    Even though those boys are cheap and are just 10 to 13 they may also have AIDS.
    There is no therapeutic cannabis in Russia. You will get major time for drugs. The State will give you all the therapy that you need.
    Like I learned as a youth environmental camping and training on the West Caucasus Mountains """you never tell anyone anything or else you will not be"""
    Of course that may have not been part of the training, it may have been because we knew the camp leaders were visiting the orphan boys tents at night.

  8. Smoke and Mirrors, nobody's really stupid enough to start this, especially when the "legion of doom" an Ohio Class BM Submarine, is most-likely trolling their shores.

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