Proposed legislation would require women to register for draft


Fox News’ Mike Emanuel provides details on the arguments in favor of including women in the draft and the pushback from Republican lawmakers like Sen. Josh Hawley and Rep. Chip Roy.

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  1. Good, a win for feminists and equality over all!!! (of course, ima fight tooth and nail before my daughter is drafted, as she is soo much better then the feminists) 😚

  2. Where are your grandkids and your children and maybe your father's and your mother's will be going to Ukraine and Joe Biden wins this election while he ain't going to win it they're going to steal it again like they did the first time so kiss them and hug them while you can are you dumbass people vote for him again don't get on the news and cry the blues because oh my God my child's going to Ukraine you up you're the one who voted for him

  3. I have no issue with women signing up for selective service duty to our country. There are many opportunities for women to serve.
    Women have always wanted and fought for equal rights, equal pay etc.

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