Progressive Outlet Raises Alarm on Election with ‘Ruth Bader Biden’ Analogy


Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman joins ‘America Reports’ to discuss President Biden’s latest gaffes and apparent confusion when discussing Iraq and Ukraine.

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  1. Fox ๐ŸฆŠ Censored News Alert
    Don't choose to be a dummy!

    Supreme Court justices have received nearly $5 million in "gifts' since the early 2000s, and one justice in particular, Justice Clarence Thomas, accounts for nearly all of it.
    The issue these " gifts" come from people with cases in front of the Court!

    Data released Thursday by watchdog group ?, "Fix the Court", unveils a list of gifts justices have received since January 2004. The dataset was released ahead of an expected release of the justicesโ€™ financial disclosure reports Friday.

    Thomas, nominated to the high court by former President George H.W. Bush, made headlines last year after an investigation found he had taken dozens of trips paid for by separate billionaire friends.

    According to the data compiled by Fix the Court, since 2004, Thomas has accepted $4,042,286, or 193 gifts. The group reported that, for Thomas, thereโ€™s an additional 126 โ€œlikely but not confirmed gifts.โ€

    Of the nearly 200 gifts, the group said Thomas only reported 27 of the gifts on his financial disclosures.

  2. Everything has turned to s*** under Biden FJB bring back Trump we had no wars we had a strong economy and now we have poop life because of the economy in two different hot wars enough enough the American people have had enough Joe genocide Joe has got to go

  3. Maybe he is really referring to Iraq. A slipped of the tongue is ๐Ÿ’ฏ percent true. I canโ€™t imagine what will happen in the debate? ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚ All audience will scratch their heads the way he will speak.

  4. Have these Faux pundits never read a transcript of a chump speech?
    Late night host read them word for word to their audiences for laughs all the time.
    Any one of chump's speeches are incoherent.
    This is not fair reporting. Just more of the Faux narrative.

  5. Wow …. No wonder why he has American and Iranians mixed up this guy has got to go Biden must go even Democrats are voting for Trump 24 how can you be a well-meaning elderly man and lied to the American public like this FJB

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