Pride Parades: Public Displays of Sexual Deviance and Cultural Defiance


As Pride Month arrives, rainbow flags and colors take over entertainment, corporate logos, and city streets across the country. This 30-day celebration, however, has evolved into a phenomenon that showcases a different kind of pride. Grown men increasingly participate in parades, dressing and acting in provocative and sexually explicit ways, including twerking in front of children.

The purpose of these events is no longer about celebrating love or diversity, but rather about flaunting sexual deviancy to the public. These hypersexualized parades serve as public humiliation rituals, shoving sexual deviancy in people’s faces and daring them to do something about it. Left-wing radicals know they will be praised for their actions, and they use this to their advantage, gloating that they have successfully made LGBT-identifying people sacrosanct in society.

The LGBT movement’s ultimate goal is to challenge and destroy traditional sexual and romantic norms. Pride Month serves as a bridgehead for pushing the societal envelope further, until it breaks down altogether. Rainbow activists crave opportunities to push their sexual fetishes on normal Americans and innocent children, receiving applause and gratitude in return from a brainwashed populace.

As a result, LGBT activists have become more open about their true intentions. In 2021, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released a song with lyrics promoting the conversion of children, while attendees at the NYC Drag March chanted “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.” A commentator at a Los Angeles Pride parade stated that his favorite part was “going out there and seeing all the kids.”

The most sinister pushers of radical LGBT ideology hide behind innocent imagery, such as rainbows and unicorns, but cannot help themselves from showing their true colors.

Hayden Daniel
Hayden Daniel
Staff Editor. Previously, Hayden worked as an editor at The Daily Wire and as deputy editor/opinion editor at The Daily Caller. He received his B.A. in European History from Washington and Lee University with minors in Philosophy and Classics.

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