David Axelrod on CNN: Biden Faces Global Crises


On Monday’s “CNN News Central,” CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Obama adviser David Axelrod addressed a question about global instability under President Joe Biden, including conflicts in the Middle East and Europe, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Axelrod acknowledged the possibility that former President Donald Trump, a 2024 Republican presidential candidate, might use these issues to criticize Biden by stating that managing such crises is part of the inherent responsibilities of being the U.S. President.

Axelrod started by saying that the Iranian helicopter crash isn’t anyone’s fault. He continued, “But listen, this is part of the burden of being president of the United States, wars erupt and you are president. I think the President has handled it well, bringing together allies in Ukraine, for example, bringing together the forces that the Israelis needed in Israel to repel attacks from Iran. But that is the burden of the presidency. What you should — what we should not want…is to be in a go it alone position in the world. We should want allies, we should want measured relationships between ourselves and other countries so that we can move together to try and bring some order when disorder erupts.”

Ian Hanchett
Ian Hanchett
Hillsdale graduate.

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