President Biden Addresses the Nation on the PACT Act


President Biden delivers remarks on the PACT Act in New Hampshire.

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  1. That VA secretary is a crook. He took part in Biden's experimental injection mandate for government employees. Mr. Secretary, why'd you do it? Now people are having real issues because of that experimental injection. The people will be sure the punishment for this unethical, unconstitutional mandate extends to everyone who enforced the mandates.

  2. I see hundreds of videos of vetrans on the street with mental health issues and nothing available for them, i dont know what she was talking about.what about those who lose limbs and cannot work they on the streeets begging for money .just to exist.

  3. FJB!!!! When will he do something for the others veterans since the Pact Act was passed years ago? There are thousands that need help! Go away Joe, you're done!

  4. President Trump won the election last time and didn't get to be president why does anybody expect any different this time whether he wins the election or not if they still won't let him be president let's just wait and see something needs to happen this idiot Biden and his corrupt family and all the people in his cabinet need to go

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