Politics are coming for Jerry Seinfeld: Gutfeld


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss Jerry Seinfeld pushing back at pro-Palestinian protesters during his set in Australia on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  1. The guy with the chicken coupe on the top of his head is going to chicken out of the debate. Trump is a weasel and a conman. The reason they are spreading propaganda about Biden is because their coward bone head dictator is a coward. The best way to tell if Trump is lying is to watch what these fake reporters say because they know you are stupid enough to believe them. The king of excuses is the one who said anytime, anyplace like he's superior to Biden. Joe Biden has accomplished 10x more than Trump has. Trump is the noodle head idiot not Biden. He wants to use tariffs to keep our country afloat. That right there tells you how stupid he is.

  2. Right, Greg… he's Jewish; and, Kat has a point: What do the protestors expect? Do they think they're on the cusp of converting anybody in the venue to their cause… oh, yeah, break out the flags and bathe me in militant rhetoric, baby… right… 🙄 It's all about the propaganda value back home in Gaza… KDM

  3. Those clowns at Jerry show must have never seen the offended episode and what they think Jerry going to get distracted and flustered on stage proves they know nothing about him

  4. Look at it this way 4 years back a kg off beef 7 bucks that same steak 50 bucks a kg got class for sure junkies to fentanyl pandemic. And a cork human growth got your own issue to 7 kids growth industry insanity.

  5. Hey Greg, listen digger me ol' mate, Melbourne is pronounced as "MEL-BUN", only no two syllables. I hope you all there on me favorite show are well and champin' on thar bit. Give Kat a peck on the cheek for me.

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