Political Expert Describes Issue as “Albatross Around Biden’s Neck”


The Vogel Group Principal Matt Keelen and Institute for Education senior adviser Kaivan Shroff compare former President Trump and President Biden’s 2024 campaigns on ‘Fox News Live.’

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  1. Wow just gaslighting from the Democrat. Anything to bash trump, when Bidens only strategy is to make up lies about trump cause his policies are garbage and it's killing the middle class

  2. They cant find anything to really blame Trump for and trying to say he is responsible for the Supreme court abortion ruling that happened during Bidens term is redonkulous.

  3. Corvette versus golf-buggy…
    President Joe Biden will be able to explain in detail, every moving part of that oh so sweet ride that is that Vette.
    Defendant-trump can't even explain the origins of something without talking about oranges!
    Who would get more cheers & applause at a car show:
    President Joe Biden in his oh so sweet Corvette or,
    Defendant-trump in a golf-buggy?
    The cool dude in the Vette or the whiney man-baby with a narcissistic victim complex that sloths around in a golf-buggy?

  4. The Libertarians have a choice they can either vote for Trump who wants to commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht and let him appoint them to his cabinet, or they can choose to keep being the 3% that will never be able to hold a single seat in office.

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