‘PIVOT THE BLAME’: Cuomo faces scrutiny for COVID-era policies


Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., sounds off on former N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is facing growing scrutiny for his COVID-era policies.

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  1. Dude is a souless snake. He caused 15,500+ elderly lives. Cuomo denied Trumps offer to put COVID patients on a Navy ship but denied it because he didn't like Trump. Cuomo tried hiding the body count around 6,300 & told them don't COVID test any more of the deceased elderly!

  2. Cuomo and Murphy had to make common sense decision and they both chose poorly, they approved Covid infected seniors to enter nursing homes, this poor decision killed thousands of seniors. True leaders stand up and protect their people.

  3. Ask a question. If the Residence stay secured in the Nursing home. But Staff, Nurses and Nurses Aids and even the Kitchen Staff all come from the outside. What is the chance of them being infected by those coming in, if Said Staff or Residence were not given the Shots or Priority for it. So States pushed for the Elderly to be the first to get it after the First responders and healthcare people. But I got the shot twice, got covid Twice. I think the issue, Fauci was so busy pushing a shot as a cure, forgot we needed treatment options if the shot failed to prevent you from getting sick with covid. Maybe if they pushed in the treatment, More people would lived.

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