Peter Doocy reveals what it is really like in the White House press briefing room


Fox News senior White House correspondent Peter Doocy responds to reporters asking the White House about President Biden’s health on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. Peter Doocy never went to journalism school. He has no training or qualifications that would have gotten him into a WH press briefing, but…

    His father got him his job and a six-figure salary. He just parrots whatever he's told to say.

  2. The visitor log is part of the public record as one of the reporters pointed out. She disgusts me if she had even a modicum of self respect she would gracefully bow out and leave her position. She could say her health is not good if has a family situation she has to deal with but NO your content lying for this disgrace of a so called leader. I will not call him The p word so he is The occupier in Chief!

  3. I went onto this channel expecting some videos from a variety of topics. Why is EVERY video about this? Just change it to republican news and ill have respect for your honesty

  4. Soooo KJP you can't give it up because of security reasons …. hmmmm has this info been shared with Congress who have the responsibility of checks and balances on the "fit for duty" spectrum … Who wants to remain "King" now … or is it The Queen stands alone …. SMFH ….

  5. Anyone see the picture of slick willie and barry on a boat and SW has Barry in a headlock just joking around but in public the Os and Cs appear to be enemies unless that photo was deepfake it tells a lot about politics

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