Peter Doocy: Biden Faces Grim Situation


Fox News’ Peter Doocy provides details on Biden’s dwindling support among Black voters, Millennials and Gen Z.

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  1. “DOJ denies collusion with Bragg's office on Trump prosecution in new letter.” Are we the people expected to believe this? Not happening! Tyranny has reared its ugly head for all to see and there is no way of putting that genie back inside the bottle.

  2. If anybody here is old enough to remember Tim Conway’s “little old man” on THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW you know this is who we’re watching. Tiny shuffling steps, muttering incoherently, slow movements-arms, hands, looking confused…it’s not funny when it’s real.

  3. So much for CLIMATE CONTROL huh? Oh, forgive me I just realized that doesn’t apply to the Biden’s and Harry and the wife. I agree we all need to be more concerned with many aspects of treating our world kinder just maybe not with the Biden and the (has been CELEBRITIES INITIATIVE ) especially when it’s paid for by our HARDWORKING TAXPAYERS. I’ll be so thankful when President Trump can start DRAINING THE SWAMP.

  4. The American Public gave Biden a lot of deference or rather his office. But the level of slime that was used to prosecute Trump began to add up. Perhaps it was the use of Stormy Daniels as a character witness in the trial of anyone, let alone Trump. Especially at the time of the Gaza uprising, inflation, etc. The snow job just became too heavy and the bough broke.
    The Country fell "out of love" with Biden. We want a divorce. And now we have moved that trust to Trump. Hopefully he deserves this trust.

  5. Nobody wants Biden anymore FJB Bidenomics Sucks I don't see how anyone would vote for Biden in the United States I don't really see that everything is in decline now our economies wrecked the borders wide open nothing but hardships everywhere FJB

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