Pete Hegseth: The US military ‘Bud Light-ed itself’


Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade and Pete Hegseth assess the current state of the U.S. military as the number of active service members is at a 15-year low.

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  1. How many people has Trump managed to get prison sentences for using his sway? None of these people can be trusted. Ask the January 6th felons in prison because of their lies. They thought they were doing the right thing. Nope. It was all a scam so he could remain President. He knew he was going to jail at some point already.

  2. I'd call the number of U.S. active service members at a 15 year low a good thing, and I'm sure all of the people who say they support Trump because he is "anti war" would say the same thing, right?

  3. It seems since 2020 whoever pulls the puppet strings has gone all out to give a feeling of hopelessness to Americans. Headline after headline of decay and degredation will manipulate citizens. Know that you are being fooled out of your own castle instead of taking a stand.

  4. Communist porpaganda. Russia conscripts any male they find. I housed a US citizen teaching in Russia who escaped to avoid mandatory conscription. We don't need a wartime military. Mostly obsolete.

  5. Soldiers aren't serving their country. They are serving corrupt politicians. Our country is in far more danger from Biden than any foreign country. He's letting terrorists come into our country. He has destroyed our economy. He cares more about criminals than the victims. He does nothing to stop crime. Police want to serve their country just as much as soldiers. But thousands of police are resigning due to corrupt politicians. Biden is attacking our country, not Russia.

  6. This DOES NOT TURN ITSELF AROUND!!! Who would join the military, OR ANY COMPANY, if the rules could change in four or eight years. If you wanta career, you need to know up front what your opportunites are. They can't change on a whim of some bureaucrat.

  7. FOX continues to bash our military which is the fierest fighting force in the world . Every countries military fear the thought of fighting the U.S. military. FOX needs to move on from this ridiculous WOKE idea which most people can't define

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