Pelosi’s Revealing Confession Exposed in Newly Discovered Jan. 6 Recording


Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Ca., took responsibility for not having the National Guard at the Capitol on Jan. 6 in a newly uncovered tape.

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  1. This woman needs to dig her own grave. She’s already got 1 foot in and why did she just put the other foot in? She’s the most disgusting speaker of the houses she’s destroyed California and now she’s destroying the country her and her little freaking new scum guy over here in California, drain the swamp people vote forever until the Democrats are normal again

  2. Oops… Pelosi confesses… and Google had to even place a "light blue" factoid above the heading to remind everyone what happened on J6.. Talk about a double whammy. If Pelosi's own statement doesn't exonerate those that are in the DC Jails… I don't know what will. You would think… the US Supreme Court would step in. Now… who's making peace with the Great Creator… is it Nancy or her Daughter? Don't blame me Oakland… y'all keep voting for her. Amazing how all these, so called, leaders are "Losing Face" quick. Could it be just another distraction not to look at the "Big Guy" or does it look like the "Big Guy" doesn't want to go down alone?

  3. All Pelosi could have done is ask Trump to have the guard ready. She did not have the authority to call them in! She is upset that she did not see Jan6 coming. But to be honest, did anyone?

  4. She was denied multiple times!! What else could she do? All of this happened because of trump! He instigated the mob not Nancy!! She could have had the entire military forces prepared and those convicted felons attacked of their own free will.😊

  5. Wait so… did you people WANT the national guard to come in and stop the trumpets from stopping the election… or did you want them to succeed and get him into office again 😂 you idiots make absolutely no sense to outsiders

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