‘Our Rights at Risk if Another Republican Joins Supreme Court’


First Lady Jill Biden expressed her concerns on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday, cautioning that all of our rights could be at risk if another Republican is appointed to the Supreme Court.

Sara Haines commented, “Women are likely to play a crucial role in November. We have heard boasts about stripping away women’s reproductive rights, with 14 states enforcing a total ban on abortion, and now IVF is under fire. How dangerous is this moment for women, and how much worse could it become with a second or third Trump presidency?”

She added, “Women’s rights and IVF are absolutely under threat. We need to have a choice. Joe aims to codify Roe and we must. We must fight hard to regain it.”

Biden also said, “We keep thinking these rights won’t be taken away, but we can’t take anything for granted because they can be. Just consider the Supreme Court. Imagine how things could worsen if more Republicans are added. We will lose all of our rights. We are talking about all our rights: women’s rights, gay rights.”

Pam Key
Pam Key
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