Number of ‘Gotaways’ Under Biden Administration Approaches 2 Million


New York Post reporter Jennie Taer discusses President Biden’s reported executive order to cap asylum claims on ‘Fox News @ Night.’

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  1. There is much hyperbole used by the media, much of the disinformation is being fomented by FOX faux news, the latest being diversionary tactics by repeating the already overly repeated "Banana republic".
    As the lawyer representing Bananas, I hereby give notice that on behalf of Bananas, I have launched a defamation suit against FOX fake news for $787,500,000.
    p.s; As the lawyers for the Bananas, nuts, chocolate & Ice-cream will be accepted in lieu of $787,500,000.
    p.p.s; The Bananas want it known that there is no split between them, the nuts, chocolate & Ice-cream because they are perfectly united……

  2. The Alien Acts comprised two separate acts: The Alien Friends Act, which empowered the president to deport any alien whom he considered dangerous; and the Alien Enemies Act, which allowed the deportation of any alien who hailed from a country at war with the United States.

  3. Why weren't open borders a concern when Trump was president? According to Border Patrol stats illegal crossings increase by 41% between 2016 and 2019. And when Republicans held both House and Senate for 2 years under Trump, they didn't close the border. As an Independent, I'm having problems with this blatant Republican hypocrisy.

  4. Fox that Congreessmans Kid has to be the coolest kid ive ever laid my eyes on….he adorable smart funny ect ect!!!That made my day watching him make faces on fox this morning….Thanks for the good vibes which you usually dont get on FOX!!!!

  5. Gotaways…..FBI warrant lie, Presidential Records Act lie, I never said ''lock her up'' lie. Everything is rigged lie. Gosh it sure seems like Fox news and Trump have figured out that they can lie about anything.
    1. Mar-A-Largo search warrant: FBI coordinated with Trump's lawyers to make sure he wasn't home.

    2. FBI warrant exact same form/authorization as every other warrant. Including Biden's.

    3. Trump tells his followers it was an attempted hit.

    4. Trump then squeezes his followers for cash based on this monumental lie.

    5. Conclusion: Trump despises his own followers and sees them as dupes.

    6. TDS = Trump's Duped Supporters

    44 U.S.C. 2203(b). The President does not have discretion to categorize a Presidential record as a personal record.

    The PRA: the legal status of Presidential records clear & unambiguous, providing that the United States reserves and retains “complete ownership, possession, & control of Presidential records.44 U.S.C. 2202.

    Biden hasn't ''rigged'' his own son facing charges. Biden didn't fire any of the TRUMP APPOINTED SPECIAL COUNSELS, Biden hasn't interefered with Menendez………

    You are being used by Fox to benefit Big Oil, large corporations and the mega rich. They use you. What have they achieved? Nothing. No infrastructure, No Pact ACT, No Chips Act, No healthcare plan, no investigations about price gouging…nothing but tax cuts for the wealthy…..

    This is the one that gotaway.

  6. FBI WARRANT LIE, I NEVER SAID LOCK HER UP LIE, I OWN ALL DOCUMENTS LIE on and on and what point do you folks wake up and reclaim your dignity. Instead of obsessing about distraction BS culture wars maybe it's time to realize that FOX & Trump see you all as dupes.

  7. Never mind the MONUMENTAL LIE TRUMP told all of you about FBI warrant being a hit…That is bad enough…considering the warrant language is exactly the same for EVERY WARRANT & his lawyers coordinated with FBI to make sure he wasnt there…BUT TO SAY ON FOX ''I NEVER SAID LOCK HER UP'' boggles the mind. PLEASE FINALLY HAVE SOME DIGNITY. TRUMP HATES YOU. HE LIES LIKE THIS BECAUSE HE BELIEVES YOU ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO BUY ANYTHING HE VOMITS OUT.

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