Trump Vows Victory on Election Day Despite Conviction


The real verdict in Democrats’ partisan quest to silence, prosecute, and jail their top political opponent, former President Donald Trump reassured the crowd at his first formal address following his New York City show trial conviction, will come on Election Day 2024.

“We’re dealing with a corrupt government. We have a corrupt country,” Trump said in his speech at Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. “Our elections are corrupt, our borders are open. Our borders are going to be closed very soon. November 5 is going to be the most important day in the history of our country.”

A jury selected from a pool of overwhelmingly pro-Biden New Yorkers, with encouragement from Biden donor Judge Juan Merchan and “get Trump” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, found Trump guilty of 34 counts of bookkeeping fraud on Thursday.

Democrats and their allies hailed the decision as a victory in their longstanding campaign to smear the Republican as a convicted felon, but the expected verdict did not deter Trump or his supporters.

Shortly after the kangaroo court publicized its verdict, ex-Democrats, independents, and new political donors sent a record-breaking number of funds to the Republican’s 2024 campaign. In his speech, Trump encouraged the influx of voters throwing their weight behind him with cash to keep donating.

“It really makes a difference,” he said. “They have a lot of money on the other side. I don’t know where they get it. Nobody knows where they get it, but for some reason they get money.”

Trump stressed that, despite Democrats’ steady stream of profits, “they’re not on the side of our country.”

“In many ways, I think they hate our country,” Trump said, pointing to the ongoing border invasion that Democrats have accommodated. “Who on Earth can want open borders where people are allowed to pour in from countries unknown, from places unknown, from languages that we don’t even, that we haven’t even heard of?”

The self-proclaimed political prisoner said “many” of the illegal border crossers pouring into our country “are not good people,” yet get a free pass by the Biden administration to reside here.

“Many terrorists, record levels of terrorism, record levels of terrorists have come into our country. Record! They’ve never seen anything like it,” Trump said.

Corporate media outlets like The New York Times immediately pounced on the Republican, claiming he “lashed out” in a “misleading” address.

If public opinion polls are any indication, however, Trump’s stand against Democrats’ banana republic behavior and the border invasion resonates with voters.

Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd
Staff writer. Jordan's work has also been featured in The Daily Wire, Fox News, and RealClearPolitics. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

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