Nine killed in tragic accident at Mexico rally


Tragedy struck in Mexico on Wednesday night as strong winds toppled a stage during a political rally in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, a state in the northeast part of the country.

The rally was for Mexican presidential candidate Jorge Álvarez Máynez. Nine people, including a child, were killed, and at least 80 others were injured in the accident, according to a statement from Nuevo León Governor Samuel García.

“There are people reported trapped and injured,” Miguel Treviño, the mayor of San Pedro Garza García, said. “My prayers are with the victims.”

Video of the incident spread on social media, showing the stage collapsing and people screaming and running away in fear. Other videos showed people climbing out from being trapped underneath metal poles and beams that collapsed on them during the incident.

Máynez can be seen pumping up the crowd during the rally when one of the metal structures begins to sway and eventually collapses to where he is standing. He is seen running away to avoid injury as the stage topples.

Later, the presidential candidate told several news outlets that he briefly visited a hospital after the accident but suffered no injuries. Dozens of people were reportedly treated for injuries. Multiple officials claimed people were trapped in the wreckage after the accident, and emergency personnel were working to rescue them.

“I am fine and in communication with state authorities to follow up on what happened,” Máynez said.

According to reports, he announced that he had suspended future campaign activities at the moment and was focusing on the survivors and injured victims.

“The only important thing right now is to care for the victims of the accident,” Máynez said.

The accident occurred during the peak of Mexico’s political campaign season, CBS News reported. Mexico’s election is scheduled for June 2, and in addition to the presidential election, candidates throughout the country are vying for office at the municipal and state levels.

Many events were scheduled throughout the country over the next several weeks before the election, according to reports.

Máynez, the soon-to-be 39-year-old politician, previously served as a deputy of the Congress of the Union and as a state deputy in the Congress of Zacatecas. He is considered a long shot to win the election and is polling in third place among presidential candidates. After the accident during his rally, however, his only concern was the health and safety of the victims, not his political chances.

“We have to have solidarity, there is nothing that can repair an accident, a damage of this nature,” Máynez said. “People will not be alone in this tragedy and through the consequences that this tragedy will have in their lives.”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke on the matter and said he was sending hugs to “family members, friends of the victims and political supporters.”

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